Thursday, February 5, 2009

LVBA Travel baseball teams...

The Lehigh Valley Baseball Academy is still looking for serious, committed baseball players for their travel teams, mostly for the 8u through 13u teams...

We have formed an 8u team...We have two 13u teams and a 12u team and all of those are just about filled...The 11u Stealth team is just about set...the 10u Venom team is having tryouts on March 15...

We do not have enough players for a 9u team as of this moment and we also do not have enough players for a second 10u or second or 11u team...If enough committed players come along, we will add these 3 additional teams, but as of now we carry the following teams:

16u (2 teams)
13 u (2 teams)
11u - Stealth
10u - Venom
8u - Stealth

If players, teams or partial teams are interested in coming in under our umbrella, cll us at 610-351-0013...

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