Monday, November 14, 2016

LVBA Middle Infielder Advanced Training Camp with Brett Bittiger

If you’re a middle infielder looking to take your defense to the next level, the winter months can be a crucial time to get a jump on your competition. This winter, LVBA will be conducting a training camp for shortstops and second basemen who are interested in learning advanced infield techniques. The program will be run on a small-group, specialized basis, covering an array of middle infield concepts, including:

Receiving the ball – catching the ball needs to be a given; learning how to redirect the ball from your glove to throwing position is the next step.
·         Footwork around the bag – shave crucial tenths of seconds off double plays and throws from the catcher; create extra outs with your feet and hands.
·         Footwork on ground balls – give your hands and arm less work to do by taking the proper angles to and through the ball; slow the game down and command every inch of your position. 
·         Relays – increase your speed and accuracy when completing relays from the outfield by getting your footwork done early, and receiving the ball properly. 
·         Short-hops, long-hops, and in-between-hops – creating good hops for yourself by reading the ball off the bat and approaching the ball accordingly.
·          Situational defense – use every piece of information available to determine your positioning and priorities; add a step to your range simply by being better prepared to anticipate, read, and react.  

The goal of this camp is to prepare any player who wants to play a middle infield position at the college level. It will provide not only mechanical instruction, but discussion of the mental aspects of playing the middle infield, as well as everyday drills that can be utilized in the future to keep these skills sharp. Upon completion of the camp, each infielder will be left with a detailed plan that identifies individual points of focus for future development. 

The camp will meet once a week, running from November 15th to December 27th, for a total of 7 sessions, and a cost of $150. Groups will be limited to a 12-player maximum per session, so don’t wait to register; session one will be ages 11U-14U on Tuesday nights from 6-7:30 p.m., and session two will cover ages 15U-18U on Tuesday nights from 7:30-9 p.m. 

For any middle infielder looking to take his game to the next level, LVBA is pleased to provide you with the most specialized, advanced program in the area. 

All sessions will be run by LVBA Coach and Instructor Brett Bittiger, who has played shortstop professionally, as well as at the Division I and II levels. The sessions will also be overseen and evaluated by LVBA Director Dylan Dando, LVBA Consultant Jeff Bittiger, LVBA Coach Dan Albert, as well as a number of other guest instructors (current and former collegiate/professional players and coaches). 

Call us at 610-351-0013 to schedule.  

* For any players not on an LVBA roster, a coach’s reference (contact information) will be necessary to register.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Do you want to be recruited, or do you want to be a baseball player?

So many parents and players have fallen in love with recruiting and being recruited. Becoming a baseball player is secondary. Being recruited doesn't make you a baseball player, I don't care what level it is, D1 on down. By the same token just because you aren't getting the attention you would like that doesn't mean you aren't a baseball player. Believe me I see D1 players all summer that can't play a lick!!! When a baseball guy calls you a "baseball player" that's the greatest compliment you can be given. Simply playing the game or being recruited doesn't make you a baseball player!!!!! Become a baseball player first, the rest will take care of itself!!! Coaches, colleague's, friends in baseball, when those guys tell me, your players (Railers, Prospects) may not be the most talented but they're all baseball players.  And that's the greatest compliment I can get. That's how I know I'm doing my job!